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Virgo Horoscope
(August 23 – September 22)

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About Virgo

Sign name:  Virgo
English name:  The Maiden
Element:  Earth
Quality:  Mutable
Polarity:  Negative
Planet:  Mercury
Period of birth:  August 24 - September 22

Virgo Bashful, reserved, and vulnerable, Virgo is complex, rational, and somebody who likes to do things properly. Virgos care to be on time, prepared, and disciplined, and these, on top of the bashfulness, every part lead people to consider that Virgo is also cool and insensible. Nothing might be broadening from the reality, as Virgo is more or less as sensitive as Cancer or Pisces.

Bashfulness or shyness be likely to upset the Virgo in relationships. A number of people will fail to differentiate shyness with coldness, and take for granted that Virgo desires to be left alone, and maintain their distance. This is not essentially correct. Virgos would like to have company, however she’s selective regarding just who that company will be. And even then, she will be more at ease talking about her job or current events than something private.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which means Virgos are lined by their head opposite to their hearts. They are good towards skills in analysis and logic, making them fairly competent writers, editors and scientists. As soon as they decide out to do something, they do their best to be at top.

Sad to say, that the perfectionist strong point of Virgo is also her utmost weakness. Virgos tend to be their personal most terrible critics, thrashing themselves ridiculous in anticipation of whichever they accomplish their objective of being the best…or they give up in annoyance. That similar significant streak can get in the way with relationships, as well, ever since various partners do not understand the perfectionist criticisms that can come from their Virgo partner. This means that a small number of people who manage to break all the way through Virgo’s shyness and cool outer part are repeatedly presented with someone who expects perfection from them, merely similar to what they assume from themselves.

Virgos always want to keep an orderly and clean home, and are the sign more probable to retain an alphabetized CD compilation.

Virgos like to dress in ways that flatter both their shy feelings and their perfectionist viewpoint. They do not dress in colors that will derive attention to them, and their clothes will tone with. They like to merge into the crowd.
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